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Dear Sherry,

After having all the hospital tests (Colposcopy, Endoscopy, Barium Meal, twice) over a period of 3 years of suffering digestive and constipation hell, I decided to search the internet for solutions. After my bloating and pain became unbearable, and my G.P and hospital doctors maintained there was not much wrong, apart from Gastritis and Diverticulitis.

I stumbled upon your Great Taste No Pain page. After reading what you went through personally I thought you were describing my problems to the letter. Straight away I felt I had to follow your system, as over the many years I was willing to try anything for a better quality of life.

After a few days of following your advice from the "What To Eat With What" I began to feel a turn for the better.

Kindest Regards

Andy K.

Dear Sherry,

Your wonderful books have arrived and I have been following your Great Taste No Pain plan and had to write to tell you that I feel a tremendous improvement “in my digestive system. I appreciate the precise and easy to read, and follow instructions about the food combinations, and also the fact that there are a few days sample menu's to choose from. The options make life easier.

I had a stubborn case of IBS, Diverticulitis, with complications of adhesions from several surgeries and at present dealing with a hernia as well.as much arthritic and back pain. I am happy to report that all these conditions, even a reoccurring urinary irritation, are all rapidly improving, with the low acid ,high alkaline diet.....I am never hungry and have even lost my cravings for sweets.So,this all adds to a hearty and heartfelt thanks for your dedication to solving the problems of an over acidic bodily condition. I have been able to stop all digestive aids and medications with no ill effects. Frankly, I am amazed at how wonderfully our bodies are designed. If we treat ourselves right, the body helps itself.

I shall be 80 my next birthday, so even old hens can get better.


Hi Sherry,

THANK YOU....this is truly amazing. My stomach feels so calm and content. I am almost never hungry, I didn't expect that. I love it, because I always have had sugar, sweet, cravings and for days I am so totally content from the things that I eat...following your guidance. My stomach doesn't gurgle and need I say it...NO GAS.

I found you just after another 'bout with diverticulitis. I will bet you dollars to DONUTS that it will be my LAST. My neighbor just had part of her intestines taken out. I am

Confident just from reading what you have to say about food that I won't have to experience THAT. I am going shopping tonight for the first time and I can't wait to buy my groceries knowing everything that you are teaching me.

Thank you, thank you,

What I don't get is... it's not even hard...it's easy!


Hello Sherry,

Since I got your book Great Taste No Pain plan I soon put it to action I have suffered from Reflux and Heartburn for many years and like many others have been taking Nexium 40mg which helps but does not cure, so I had nothing to lose but try Great Taste No Pain.

During my first 4 days No Reflux No Heartburn I lost weight and I felt FANTASTIC I continued eating the recommended foods.

After my first 4 days I phoned my brother who was suffering with Diverticulitis and under doctors medication, spoke to his wife Pat told her about Great Taste No Pain and how it was helping me and look on the net so she did that and bought the book.

We have been in constant contact and she has been following through on my brother’s progress day by day she claims in a couple of weeks he is a new man. Sherry, we are a close family of 8 children and live within 30ks from each other.

We had a family reunion and the topic of the day was Great Taste No Pain 3 more books are on order and will continue to promote this wonderful Godsend have been off Nexium and feel GREAT.

Sherry you are our angel sent from Heaven.


Dear Sherry,

It's almost as if you know what's happening to me just by having my contact information! About 2 1/2 years ago, I ordered the Great Taste No Pain system from you after I had a bad diverticulitis attack. I began using it. I must admit that I wasn't being real careful about what I was doing with my diet.

This past October, I had a BAD attack of diverticulitis after three nights of bad combinations in a row! By Sunday night, I was in real PAIN! My wife, Lenore, put me on clear chicken broth for the next three days. All seemed to clear up. We went out-of-town for a wedding the next weekend. The attacks came back.

The Monday after we got home from the wedding, I got out your Great Taste No Pain plan and started reading and Lenore and I went shopping and came home and started baking and cooking. We love the Winter Vegetable soup. We practically live on it, as I have always loved soup of every kind. The Pumpkin Bread is yummy for breakfast, and one of the first things we made were the Pumpkin-Apple muffins. These are a perfect fall breakfast treat. To top it off, Mom's buttermilk pancakes are my favorite, hands down!

I have been pain free, and have not had an attack of diverticulitis since then. Thank you, Sherry, for all your research and help to all of us who have experienced digestive problems. Please keep the emails coming. I read them all.

P.S. We love your roasted broccoli!

P.P.S. Lenore said to tell you that all the recipes in the GTNP system are GREAT!



Hi Sherry,

At the end of October it will be three years since I was diagnosed with diverticulitis - within a couple months of on and off antibiotics I found you on the internet. I started your Great Taste No Pain plan. In July of 09 I started taking the probiotics and still do today. I was feeling much better shortly after changing my ways of eating and things just got even better after

I started the probiotics. In October of 08 when this all started I was at 224 lbs. I got measured for my tux for my daughter's wedding in July of 09, I was down to 165 lbs. and was concerned because the wedding wasn't until September and I was afraid the weight would come back and it wouldn't fit, well September of 09 came and I was down to 155 lbs. and the tux was a little big - but I was good with that. By the time November of 09 came around I was down to 149 lbs. As of today I stay between 147 and 150 lbs.

So, all this being said, I just wanted to say thank you for your help and to say that the weight coming off was a benefit that has made me healthier, I wasn't trying to lose weight it was just an added benefit. I will be 48 this month and feel better than I have in many years, enjoying walking as much as possible and even a 5k from time to time - which I had never done prior to this.

Thanks again,

Michael R.

Hi Sherry,

Yes -- I have followed your Great Taste No Pain plan. Amazing - I can't believe just how simple your plan is. My digestive problems have gone and I am now sleeping all night. I have had 2 serious bouts of diverticulitis during the past 2 years which were treated with antibiotics. The arthritis pain has almost gone from my wrist/hand which I have had for about 18 months.

I wish that I had found your website earlier, your information is just so valuable and I am so very grateful to you.

Kind regards


I have been on your Great Taste No Pain plan since my last major diverticulitis attack 2 1/2 weeks) and for the first time in 15 years I can actually eat whole fruit with no discomfort. I was afraid at first, but I have no discomfort with the fruit anymore, never mind the rest of the stuff I was eating at the wrong times. I am following your easy plan to the tee and I have it all memorized, not what I eat, but when I eat it. I have learned so much from you and really appreciate it.

Thanks again,

Michael M.

Dear Sherry,

I was recently suffering a severe bout of diverticulitis and, as usual, the only help I could get from my doctor was antibiotics. After two trips to the emergency room and yet more antibiotics, plus a colonoscopy, I decided there had to be something else I could do. I started surfing the net and came across your webpage. Everything I read made so much sense, I immediately ordered your Great Taste No Pain plan and thank goodness. I now feel I am doing something positive towards making sure I don't go through that agony again.

No medical person ever mentioned diet, just fiber, fiber, fiber. I find the plan easy to follow and the recipes are delicious. I am so grateful to have discovered GreatTasteNoPain, and for all your follow up advice.


Hi Sherry,

I am following your Great Taste No Pain plan. I have changed my way of eating and already am seeing a difference in my bowel habits which I am sure is positively affecting my diverticulitis. I feel much better about my long-term prognosis and my health in general. It took a diagnosis of diverticulitis to get me back to a healthy lifestyle--but I'm on board now and the eating plan you have provided was the missing link for me.


I'm looking forward to many years of symptom-free living.


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