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Hi Sherry,

Thank you so much for all the valuable information that you have sent to me over the last few days. I am really "Hooked" on your "GreatTasteNoPain" food programme. I have learnt so much from you. Over these past few days I can't believe that I feel so much better and also that it is so easy to implement.

I have had 2 serious attacks of diverticulitis over the last 2 years which were treated with antibiotics. In addition to this I have had the continual digestive problems particularly at night which have kept me from sleeping. Now that I have some of your knowledge of food intake I am hoping that I will be able to manage the problem.

I am in my mid 60ís - still working and play a competitive summer sport. So - my opponents will have to "watch out" for me now as I am starting to benefit from your food programme.

Thank you again so very much for your valuable help.

Shona A.

I had my first diverticulitis attack while on a plane going from Chicago to Los Angeles. I didn't know what was wrong and it was a very scary experience. As soon as I got off the plane, I got my rental car and drove (while in a lot of pain) to the emergency ward where I was diagnosed after a CT scan.

I found your website while doing internet research. It has been great. After following the plan for two weeks, I have no pain and no discomfort at all. To top it all, I have lost 7 pounds!! This plan much better than a weight loss diet. Paying attention to the food combining is a lot easier than counting calories like I have had to do on other diets.

Thank you for the great information.

Charisse C.

I am a 69 yr. Old woman who has been. Taking Prilosec for about 12 years. Since then I have been put on BP medication, cholesterol medication, Fosamax for my bones, was taking glucosamine, calcium and vitamin D.

A couple months ago came the big shocker. I had an attack of diverticulitis. That was the breaking point. I knew I was doing something wrong. I have always been very healthy and active.

After following your Great Taste No Pain plan I am off the BP medication, Fosamax, prilosec and glucosamine, WOW! There is not much wrong with me. I just did not know how to combine my foods. All of this is with my doctor's blessed approval.

Thank you so much for all your work.


I found your program about a year ago, after spending the Memorial Day holidays in the hospital with diverticulitis. My doctor told me that the old advice of avoiding certain foods had been refuted, but he had no specific advice to give me other than high fiber foods (which I was already doing).

I found your program while searching on the internet. I printed off your free trial program which worked so well that I ordered the program. I want you to know that it has been a year, and I have not had another attack. I also lost 20 pounds, which was a great side benefit. My energy level has risen, and my husband and I recently made a trip to Israel, which caused absolutely no problems.

Thank you so much. I recommend you all the time.

Belva M.

Dear Sherry,

I think it was 2 1/2 years ago Christmas (maybe 3 1/2) when I was hospitalized with Diverticulitis. The nasty antibiotics got me through it, but I quickly began researching and found your Great Taste No Pain plan. I share your website frequently. I know far too many young kids, teens and even my employees with serious digestive disorders and sometimes painful advice from their doctors. Anyway, I followed your plan as well as possible and started taking Super Shield and Salmon Oil daily. First, I have to say that Super Shield works far better than any of the shelf varieties in the pharmacy (I've tried them all), and your Salmon Oil always smells fresh.

I had the one big outbreak and thank god it never progressed to the point where many of your readers have experienced. No recommendation for surgery or such but I'm convinced that I would have eventually. While I have had some days where my diet has caused some problems down below, I have not had another outbreak or gut wrenching pain since my first one. There is no doubt it is because of your advice and Super Shield formula. Oh-I also have avoided the purple pill and only need occasional help from Ranitidine for those days I mess up. I usually just increase my Super Shield amount temporarily. Thank you for all you do.

Mark B.

Hi Sherry,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am 71 going on 40. (Maybe Iím feeling younger). I have no more irritable bowel, no more diverticulitis etc. I have a load of more energy too. Even before I started using the gym I lost 30 lbs. on your Great taste no pain. I use the tread mill at a local gym and use the exercise bike every day. There are a lot of grown people there who are very over weight that sit, play cards, bingo and eat pastries.

We have raised 3 daughters 48, 47, and 42. We then adopted 5 boys after being foster parents to many children in our home for 13 yrs. The boys are 22 yrs. old down to 16----3 still living at home. I plan on living for a long time and the boys notice how much more energy I have also.

Thanks again!!


Hi Sherry,

Would like to thank you once again for your Great Taste No Pain book that helped me so much after having several bad attacks of Diverticulitis. Changing my way of eating was certainly not bad at all after having the last few attacks and now the new way of eating just comes naturally. I had lost 32 lbs.(which was good but not the way I had to do it) because of not being able to eat much of anything like the Doctor had advised and most other foods, as well.

Have held my same weight since that time, too. That is when I found you on your website and have not had an attack since that time which was approximately 3 yrs. ago.

Thanks again,


Hi Sherry,

Just want to say a very big thank you to you and your research team for giving me my life back!

I have just had my first bout of Diverticulitis which was confirmed with a colonoscopy. I was hoping for some information from my doctor on how to prevent another bout. She did not have anything to tell me except eat more fiber and that I may never have another bout again. I had already been doing this as the information they gave me after the colonoscopy said the same thing. I still felt terrible; my clothes did not fit comfortably at the waist because I was so bloated. I was lethargic everything was a big effort to do, I had headaches and I could not stay awake, if I sat down I was asleep until I went to bed then I tossed and turned all night and in the morning I felt like I had not had a wink of sleep.

In desperation I turned to the internet to see if anyone else could help, I have never been a big fan of doctors and usually turn to alternative remedies once I know what the problem is, so when I found your website I was very pleased. I tried your Great Taste No Pain Plan. I am always a bit skeptical about buying on the web, and it did sound a bit too good to be true.

I started the plan and followed it exactly, the first day I was amazed to find that when I eat my breakfast I did not feel like I had a rock in my stomach which is how I usually feel. With each meal I did not feel bloated and I had no pain, my burping was much less as was wind the other way, I usually fall asleep when watching TV about 8.30 - 9pm and miss my favorite programs this did not happen on the first day of the plan.

The second day I woke up naturally at about 6.30am feeling refreshed and energized and again had no pain after eating, I had also lost half an inch round my waist because I was not so bloated now, again I did not fall asleep in the evening.

The third day I felt like my old self, the one I had not felt like for what seemed like years, when I got on the scales I had lost 1 kg in weight and another half an inch round my waist, the headaches have gone.

Itís such a simple system and I can still eat the things I like as long as I am careful what I eat them with, when I read the reasoning behind the plan it made perfect sense. I look forward to a happy life free of digestive problems and when I see my doctor again I will certainly let her know the benefits of this plan.

I didn't realize how bad I felt until I felt better.

Thanks once again Sherry

Best regards

Jenny F.

Dear Sherry,

I just want to thank you so much for helping me, I have just been diagnosed with diverticulitis and was in incredible pain, antibiotics cured the inflammation but I had no idea how to stop another one occurring, the only advice I was given was to eat more fiber, which I did but the aftermath of the colonoscopy was not getting any better in fact it seemed to be getting worse.

In desperation I turned to the internet to do some research and thank god I found your website, I tried your Great Taste Plan and right from the first day things became easier, by the end of the 4 days I had lost 1kg in weight and an 1 inch on my waist because I am no longer bloated and when I eat it doesn't feel like I have a rock in my stomach, I burp very little now, I have stopped falling asleep at 9pm and sleep most of the night and I wake up naturally at 6am feeling refreshed.

I thought I was eating quite healthily before but now I can still eat the things I like as long as I am careful what I eat with them it's so simple I feel like a different person, I have so much more energy.

Thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing it with others I will always be grateful.

Best regards


Hi Sherry,

I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks again, after diverticulitis in November 08 and your great system - I've lost 75 lbs. from 224# to 149# and holding - more energy and ran my first 5K ever on 3-13-11 at 47 years old.

Thanks again,

Michael R.

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