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Hi Sherry,

Mum and I are from Australia. My mum who is 78 has had diverticulitis for some time and after searching the internet for some help we discovered your site. She tried your Great Taste No Pain plan started to feel better.

She has been following your Great Taste No Pain plan for about a month now and so far has lost 4 kilos. Although she is not overweight she now feels more comfortable without her bloated stomach and discomfort with eating certain foods. She finds her nails are stronger and teeth are whiter.

She is very happy with the way things are progressing.

Thanks for your help Sherry.



I had doubts about your Great Taste No Pain plan, but after trying it, I've had no inflammation attacks from diverticulosis, which I had previously started having more regularly. I have also been able to stop the use of stool softeners. I also have lost a little weight!

Thanks so much,

Joy Huff

I just want to tell you that as soon as I started eating the way you say in your Great Taste No Pain plan my stomach pain and heartburn went away. If I mess up and don't follow your directions, I get reflux and some pain. I never had reflux until I started using a CPAP machine and face mask for sleep apnea. Now, I have reflux sometimes just from drinking water before going to bed. I have known for years that I have a hiatal hernia and diverticulitis [or diverticulosis, whichever is the one that is there but not causing problems], but had not been bothered by them until recently. I also have asthma, COPD [with never having smoked a cigarette], and Sarcoidosis. I have had asthma since childhood, but it is currently under control.

Thank you for your help and information. It has been helpful.

Marion Armstrong

Hello Sherry,

I have a hiatal hernia (small one they say) and the starting of diverticulitis. Both these were diagnosed about a month ago as a result of my second colonoscopy / endoscopy that us over-50 guys are supposed to reward ourselves with for attaining that ripe old age.

My wife can't believe I lost 14 pounds in four weeks eating what I want (as long as it is combined correctly). I'm hoping when I loose a bit more weight the stomach will drop back down and the diaphragm will heal. My cloths are fitting better which in turn brightens my day. I'm not grossly overweight but could stand to loose another 20 pounds--and I suspect I will. It seems like my body will "equalize" itself to the idea weight my frame and genetics dictate.

I've made a good many of your recipes in the book and enjoy them all.

David F.

Hi Sherry,

I had a diverticulitis operation 12 years ago. I remained in the hospital for 14 days and was sent home to recuperate. It was tough. 3 weeks ago I started experiencing pain in my lower abdomen. My husband rushed me to the emergency room because I was in severe pain. When we left the emergency room 9 hours later, with 2 high powered antibiotics. I though to myself that this cannot happen again.

While I was resting with this recent bout I got on the computer to research diverticulitis and came upon your Great Taste No Pain plan. I started your plan immediately. I have only been on your plan for 1 and 1/2 weeks now, but I said to my husband that I do not have that bloated feeling and all that gas. My bathroom habits are much better now.

I finally feel that there is hope for my not getting this terrible bout again. I will definitely stay on your plan and I will let you know how I am doing in the future. But for now, so far so good.

I also have osteoporosis and I know that your plan can help that also. Once again, I feel that there is hope.

Thank you,


Hi Sherry,

Thank you so much for helping me get rid of pain and bloating. I have suffered with diverticulitis for 20 years and have had an operation where they removed 18 inches of my bowel. I have been in this fight for 20 years now.

Doctors love medications. It makes me feel that they have shares in the drugs companies!!!! It is criminal that doctors give you no information on how to live with diverticulitis. They are not interested in helping you; they just like taking your money.

Again thank you for your information. I have so much more energy now its incredible and I have taken off 12kg on your diet.

Doctors should take a leaf out of your book. Believe me, for anybody with the same problem, try this diet you will be saving your own life with no medications.

Believe in it. It works!

Kind regards

Keith Andrews

Dear Sherry,

I am 61. I have been diagnosed with reflux, gastritis (had an endoscopy), IBS, diverticulosis (had 3 colonoscopies so far), had a polyp removed. I have diarrhea (first thing when I wake up, up to four times all before 8 am!). It has been going on for the last 15 -20 years at least with my condition worsening overall.

Four years ago, I went to India for six weeks in an Ayurvedic clinic. They detoxed me, it helped but then I became totally intolerant to the strong herbs they gave me (throwing up). I had to stop them. I then tried staying off wheat and dairy products for almost two years. The latter helped somewhat but, being already a strict vegetarian, I found this regimen to difficult to continue.

Gradually my condition again worsened. I came back from a trip to Switzerland (I have family there) at Christmas so sick I decided to do something. After contacting a (new) Gastroenterologist, an acquaintance introduced me to your Great Taste No Pain plan. I have been following your plan and carefully combining my food for the last week and......yes; it has made a HUGE change. I still feel a little bloated (but nothing compared like before) and my bowel movements are still somewhat loose (but improving and they have lessened!).

My best and thank you.

Christiane D.


I never figured I'd be writing to you. I have been using your Great Taste No Pain food combining plan. I want to thank you for getting me started on this path. I was skeptical about just how many things you were claiming could happen. I so often see people apply their new found plan to everything and it turns me off. I am totally amazed at this. I rarely use an antacid now and only when I really go off the plan. My allergies, pretty severe, are gone. My diverticulitis has not reoccurred. I have bit my tongue and lip a few times and my horrible canker sores have not appeared as usual. But perhaps the most astonishing thing is that my apnea has become manageable enough to get off of the CPAP machine and I often awaken feeling somewhat refreshed!!

It makes so much sense to me that this works and I am relieved and astonished.

Thank you for keeping it alive and in front of people.


Jeffrey M.


I want to thank you for your research and commitment to "get the word out" to others about solutions for those of us who suffer from diverticulitis. After thinking that powerful antibiotics that made me feel horrible were the only solution I tried your Great Taste No Pain plan. I could tell a difference in the way I felt. The pain was drastically reduced without the antibiotics. .


Phyllis S.

On a Friday morning, my husband was in acute pain. We have been through this before, so we knew it was his diverticulitis. It usually ends up with him in the hospital with an IV in his hand, and they feed him antibiotics, but it was Friday, and he didn't want to be in the hospital over the weekend, (usually they don't do much over the weekend, so you might as well wait until Monday). He put himself on a liquid diet, which I knew would not last. My husband likes to eat too much to stay on a liquid diet for more than a day. On Saturday I left him alone with jello, two different flavors and some homemade chicken broth.

When I got home, he was complaining about being hungry, so I went online and searched, "What can I eat if I have diverticulitis?" I found your sight. I thought it was worth a try. Sunday morning I talked my husband into giving it a try. If he wasn't better soon he would go to the doctor. We started following the plan. Monday morning, when my husband got up, he was feeling better, not 100 percent, but better, and by Monday afternoon, he was pain free.

My husband and myself are both on the plan, and I have to say, we both felt better. We are using your method and it is miraculous! My husband and I are believers in this way of eating, and you can eat anything you want as long as you eat the right combination of foods. It's not that hard. You can have what you want, just eat it with the right food combinations.

William Z.

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