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Hi Sherry,

I have been using your Great Taste No Pain plan for a year now and have no more constipation and feel less tired and my acid reflux has gone away thanks to you.

Thank you,

Faye L.

Hello there,

Well it has been 7 days since starting the regime. I have HAD Crohnís disease for 20 years before starting. NO more running to the toilet, NO more pain, NO more bleeding and LOOSING weight. I DON'T feel hungry at all and my energy level has gone through the roof.


Thank you for the great way of eating and it really does make sense when you think about it.


Verna From New Zealand

Dear Sherry,

The GTNP Combing foods program has really benefitted me. WOW! I started the program on 19 Octí 11 and since then have seen remarkable results and here are my following comments:

1) Within the first 4 days my digestion improved and now my stomach is relieved from all the wrong combination of foods I had in the past. No more Pain! No more inconvenient rushes to the bathroom. I now enjoy my food especially some of your diets!

2) My Blood pressure has stayed normal for the last 3 weeks. [I still take the prescription meds for this. Perhaps one day soon Iíll not need them.]

3) No more dizzy spells early in the morning [BP reactions]. This is trully a big improvement for me!

4) My taste and smell has improved Ė I can taste food with greater relish and smell the little differences between the items that I am eating. My teeth and mouth seem to be always clean and fresh.

5) I notice more energy and less tiredness and I lost 3 lbs. although I am not over weight, but, tend to put more on in the winter.

In the future Iíll move toward a vegetarian diet and cut out the meat.

I am hooked on this program and will continue for the rest of my life. It is well worth the cost of the books etc. and I recommend it to everyone I have a chance to meet and talk to about it.



I ordered your Great Taste No Pain plan a while back and thought it made a lot of sense but did not put a lot of effort into following through with it. Recently a friend was telling me about a diet she had been trying and I remembered your information and found the printed copy to give to her. When I found it, I leafed through it and thought to myself "why are you not doing this?" Duh!

I immediately changed my eating habits and have felt so much better. Gas, bloating gone and IBS. My friend has also subscribed to your website and is following the plan. She was feeling tired and run down and now is enjoying new found energy! Thank you for putting this information out for all to have access to.


I really can't believe it! But after less than 1 week on your Great Taste No Pain plan I have begun to have regular bowel movements every morning when I wake up! I have been constipated for 27 years. Plus, now I have energy and want to go for daily walks which mitigate my lower back pain from osteoarthritis.

I will be combining my foods from now on. I thank you for designing a program which is easy to follow.


I love this diet! I have been completely off the reflux medication that the doctor prescribed for me. Ten days and counting! I have more energy and far more stamina; especially for a woman of near 70.

I expect to continue with what is working and to live the way God meant me to live!

Kiki F.

I lost two inches from my waist. No more painful gas. No more antacids. I never thought this gas would ever go away. Thanks for all of your help. I wake up alert and not sluggish. No constipation. I am so "relieved" so to speak!




Thank you so much for your informative newsletters.

I was diagnosed with acid reflux. My doctor wanted me to take Prilosec. I said NO. I was waking up at 4am with pain in my chest and back, thinking I was having a heart attack. I studied your PH information and found that for 50 years I had been eating almost exclusively acid based foods.

That was one year ago. No more acid reflux. I now have more energy, lost weight unintentionally and I am regular. Why aren't our doctors telling us this?

Thanks to you for your great information.


Since being on Great Taste No Pain I am experiencing a lot of positive things. I sleep better, the weight is coming off, no more acid reflux and I have more energy.

I just turned 61 in June and feel better than I have in weeks. I was tired, so tired. When I came home from work, I was so exhausted I could not do anything except hit the couch. I kept thinking I was too young for that and now I know why I was so tired. The poisonous diet I was on was slowly deteriorating my health. Because of Great Taste No Pain I am a new person.

Thanks, Sherry

Betty L.

Dear Sherry,

My Husband has experienced IBS for the past 30 years. He went through the whole 'colonoscopy' ordeal as well as being hospitalized for 3 days at the same time, only to be told that he had 'IBS' and that he would be on medication for the rest of his life. 20 years after that, I met him and by then he had given up on all the medication because they just did not work. He suffered night after night, waking up at around 2am and sitting on the loo until about 4am, finally getting back to bed and falling into an exhausted sleep. Work was difficult as his energy had been sapped by the pain as well as the lack of sleep.

After the free trial of your Great Taste No Pain system, the lights came on and we will never look back. He loves eating vegetables again (he thought they were giving him the IBS) and loves the new flavors he can enjoy.

I also started on the eating plan to keep him company and make things easier for me in the kitchen. I have experienced phenomenal weight loss (after resigning myself to being a 'Voluptuous babe' for the rest of my days) and increased energy. My hemorrhoids have since disappeared (thankfully) and I have an increased awareness of the way my body reacts to food. I am loving it.

Thank you for your wonderful system.

Best Regards

Dy M.

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