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Great Taste No Pain has been a Godsend for me. I have been eating in the recommended way for almost a month. I no longer am taking Prilosec for digestive pain. I also do not have to take metf

What a wonderful miracle for me. I have been a type II diabetic for five years, but no more. I am satisfied with the foods I eat, no hunger cravings! I have lost seven pounds in three weeks of checking my weight weekly. I am truly grateful for learning to eat the Great Taste No Pain way. Now I am sharing my discovery with others.

Thank you!



I always knew food combining diets were around, but never took the time to put it into practice.

The way you've presented the Great Taste No Pain plan is easy to follow with plenty of choices.

I have been taking Nexium for over 7 years, but still suffered with burning in the throat. I have only been on the plan and have noticed the burning in my throat has gone, also less stomach bloating. I'm not craving food in the afternoon and have more energy.

Thank you for the very enlightening newsletters,


Dear Sherry,

I have been on your Great Taste No Pain plan for three weeks and I'm so very happy with the results. I have been off and on Prilosec for the past couple of years and I found I couldn't get off of it for even a few days without having really bad burning in my esophagus. I haven't had any other problems such as gas, bloating, etc., just acid reflux. But that was enough!

During the Christmas holidays I was on Prilosec every day and eating my way through the season. The day after Christmas I didn't take the drug and we had Mexican food that night. I woke up in the night with extreme pain. I felt like there was a blow torch in my esophagus. That was enough for me. I knew I had to do something and quickly.

I had heard about food combining, but when I checked it out it looked very confusing. That is until I found your site. I signed up for your 4 day program and got IMMEDIATE relief on the very first day. By the third day I had ordered your books.

Results: Occasional minor heartburn. I take maybe 1 or 2 tums a day. This is getting better. I've lost seven pounds without even trying. I don't crave sweets and the midnight munchies are totally gone! I'm eating healthier and feeling terrific.

Sherry, thank you, thank you

Char Char S. (Dallas, Texas)

Hi Sherry,

THANK YOU....this is truly amazing. My stomach feels so calm and content. I am almost never hungry, I didn't expect that. I love it, because I always have had sugar, sweet, cravings and for days I am so totally content from the things that I eat...following your guidance. My stomach doesn't gurgle and need I say it...NO GAS.

I found you just after another 'bout with diverticulitis. I will bet you dollars to DONUTS that it will be my LAST. My neighbor just had part of her intestines taken out. I am

Confident just from reading what you have to say about food that I won't have to experience THAT. I am going shopping tonight for the first time and I can't wait to buy my groceries knowing everything that you are teaching me.

Thank you, thank you,

What I don't get is... it's not even hard...it's easy!


Dear Sherry,

I bought the Great Taste No Pain system and read and followed all your advice. From day one I was hooked. I enjoyed eating the Great Taste No Pain way. My acid reflux stopped, my restless leg syndrome stopped, my craving for sweet food stopped and my sleep was so peaceful. My weight was sixteen stone when I started and I began to lose my weight. People were saying how good I looked and were asking what I was doing. I was telling them about your system, that was a year ago now I have lost four and a half stone and weigh eleven and a half stone. People still ask me what am I doing and I tell them about the Great Taste No Pain plan.

Thank you,


Hello there,

Well it has been 7 days since starting the regime. I have HAD Crohnís disease for 20 years before starting. NO more running to the toilet, NO more pain, NO more bleeding and LOOSING weight. I DON'T feel hungry at all and my energy level has gone through the roof.


Thank you for the great way of eating and it really does make sense when you think about it.


Verna From New Zealand

Dear Sherry,

I was diagnosed with colitis in May 2010. Because the gastroenterologist could not help me by giving me ideas about what to eat for relief of severe abdominal pain with constipation and diarrhea, I decided to check out diets on the internet. Searching for Ďdiet for colitisí I found many but they all told me the same thing as the doctor. That is, keep a food journal and determine what foods are the culprit. That did not help at all as some time I thought I found the cause of my distress but another time the same foods did not bother me at all.

When I saw your Great Taste No Pain plan I thought íhateverí but decided to investigate. The free four day plan was there and because I had nothing to lose, I tried it. Wow! It worked! No pain! In only one day I had great relief. And the food was delicious. I sent for the whole package and have been on the diet since June 1 2010.

I donít know how to express my gratitude. This diet was a life saver. It literally gave me my life back. I can leave the house without any pain and anxiety about where the bathrooms are and I donít worry about if I have my Imodium AD with me. I could now carry on my normal social life, my routine visiting family and friends in their homes, and drive around town doing all my normal shopping, banking, and go dining in restaurants. Also, I am off my statin and proton pump inhibitor as I experience no more GERD and my cholesterol is lowered as well as my blood pressure. I have had hot flashes for 30 years and now do not. I surmised it was the statin causing them.

And whatís more, I thought I felt good after four days on the plan but after 11 months on the plan and probiotics I noticed I felt better than I have in over 30 years. It only gets better. I credit, along with the diet, the Super Shield Probiotics for assisting my digestive system to heal my body with the additional nutrition provided by the proper combinations of foods. And I lost 45 lbs. without every feeling hungry!

To you Sherry, thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing all your research and knowledge with the whole world through the wonderful world-wide web.


Susan of Michigan

Dear Sherry,

I used your Great Taste No Pain plan (approximately) for six days. It does work.

I've been eating healthy food (whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetables, moderate alcohol, no soda or fast food, etcetera) for years, as well as exercising regularly. But I have reflux disease because, as confirmed with a special barium exam, my esophagus doesn't close properly at the entrance to my stomach. My doctor told me to take over-the-counter acid reducer (ranitidine) daily for the rest of my life. I've been taking 150 mg daily for almost 10 years. But my heartburn has been getting worse. I also gained ten pounds with menopause, with little or no change in my lifestyle.

I have found the food combining rules to be a wonder. In 6 days I feel better and have, incidentally, lost 6 pounds without feeling hungry or reducing portions.



I have been using your Great Taste No Pain plan. I have not been hungry in the least and am beginning to feel more energy. I immediately noticed a decrease in bloating and gas. I am a dental hygienist and sit very close to my patientís ears so my rumbling stomach was embarrassing. I noticed this morning that my stomach has gotten much flatter! I am excited to see the continued results from this was of eating.

Thanks for your dedication!


I had my gallbladder out in January 2010. I had the misconception that afterwards eating would be "back to normal" (normal was never very nutritious, I must admit). About 8 weeks after surgery I noticed a LOT of heartburn right up between my breasts and very intense, sometimes for hours with no relief. I also was having the sensation of a racing heart (I do have an irregular heartbeat and take one pill a day to stabilize that). I was SURE that I needed an increased dose of medicine for my heart. I was convinced that something very bad was going to happen to me!

This was all very discouraging and I felt like I was trapped in a very unhealthy body at the age of 40. Medical doctors didn't do any testing on me, but gave me pills for panic attacks. I haven't taken any - and don't plan to. I just had a hunch that it wasn't that.

I looked up GERD on the internet and found a link to your page. I was pleased that most of your foods were ones that I already liked and that I didn't have to order food to eat.

I ordered your Great Taste No Pain plan and followed the first 4 days pretty closely. No pain. No racing heart. I lost 7 pounds in the first 10 days. (I needed to do that anyway!)

I have had your program now for 6 weeks and am sure that I will NEVER go back to how I ate before! I DO have more energy and am not near as hungry as I "thought" I was before. No pop and trying to eat a high alkaline diet is definitely for me. I try to look at the "what to eat with what" pages and follow it the best I can. Your manual is easy to read and understand.

My nephew, who is a chiropractor and big believer in organic, healthy food is my encourager. He continually asks me to share ideas, recipes and encourages me to stay on track. I am hoping to convince my husband and kids that this is the right track to go on.

Thank you, Sherry, for helping me to feel so good again. I continue to tell others about this, as so many of my friends suffer from IBS, heartburn and digestive problems.


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