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Hi Sherry,

Yes I have been following the principals of your Great Taste No Pain plan and I can honestly say the difference is amazing.

I have loads of energy and am sleeping so well. I am indebted to you.

Thank you so much

Yours Amanda 

I have been on your Great Taste No Pain plan for a year. I feel better, more energy, sleep great, no sinus infections or allergies and most important my Ulcerative Colitis is under complete control. Oh and I lost 20 pounds.

God Bless,



I have tried your Great Taste No Pain plan and found instant relief from acid re-flux. I sleep better and longer, lost over one stone in weight, have more energy; it has helped relieve the pain of arthritis in my fingers and made me feel happier as I feel more in control of my wellbeing.

I was also given drugs and told to take them as and when I required them. I was not happy with the purpose of the drug as it stopped the production of acid which was intended to break down my food for digestion. It just did not make any sense at all.

I started searching the internet and came across your website. I have already mentioned to two friends to try your wonderful plan.

Sincere thanks,

Norman E.

I've been eating the "Great Taste no Pain" way for 1 week now. I have lost 6lbs. my husband has lost 8lbs. I have more energy, I feel 'lighter' and my husband is sleeping better. The food is delectable- my grocery cart has never looked so healthy!

I'm about to go away on holidays and I am challenging myself to continue eating the "Great Taste no Pain" way while away... last year I gained 8lbs. while away due to the buffet, this year I want to lose 8lbs. because now I know what and when to eat the correct food combinations.

Wish me luck

Andrea E.

Hi Sherry,

Yes -- I have followed your Great Taste No Pain plan. Amazing - I can't believe just how simple your plan is. My digestive problems have gone and I am now sleeping all night. I have had 2 serious bouts of diverticulitis during the past 2 years which were treated with antibiotics. The arthritis pain has almost gone from my wrist/hand which I have had for about 18 months.

I wish that I had found your website earlier, your information is just so valuable and I am so very grateful to you.

Kind regards


Since being on Great Taste No Pain I am experiencing a lot of positive things. I sleep better, the weight is coming off, no more acid reflux and I have more energy.

I just turned 61 in June and feel better than I have in weeks. I was tired, so tired. When I came home from work, I was so exhausted I could not do anything except hit the couch. I kept thinking I was too young for that and now I know why I was so tired. The poisonous diet I was on was slowly deteriorating my health. Because of Great Taste No Pain I am a new person.

Thanks, Sherry

Betty L.


My name is Gladys and I was told I probably had IBS the day I sent for your Great Taste No Pain plan. It was quite amazing how your plan helped. The Doctor gave me Dicetal to take if I felt another attack coming on and since I was in quite a bit of discomfort, I took one tablet for two days while I was working on making your plan workable for me.

The other thing that seems to have been helped is my sleeping problem. I'm awake all the day now, I don't seem to need naps; I stay awake through Church Services and comprehend it all. It has to be the change in how these foods are combined with one another. Sleeping or napping has been a problem of mine since I have been about 17 and I am now in my sixties. I have never taken medications as I have always thought that this should all be controlled by what I eat but of course have no will-power.

This plan allows me to eat what I want only a little differently. I think it is great. Have a good day!


Dear Sherry,

I use to have acid reflux a lot of the time. I had an endoscopy and they found damage due to acid. I started on a proton pump inhibitor taken every morning. I tried this for several months, but the symptoms were the same. They changed to a different drug. More months with no improvement. I woke every morning around 4:00am with stomach pain and a burning mouth. The physician just changed the drug AGAIN. More months with no result. I had another endoscopy, and luckily seemed all clear. I was put on yet another drug. More months went by, and I returned to the doctorís office. I was prescribed a proton pump inhibitor to take at night AS WELL as the morning one. I started taking it, but felt quite out of sorts.

I realized that we NEED acid in our stomachs to digest food, and by taking all these drugs I wasn't making acid for proper nutrition. I did a little search on line and discovered your website. I decided to try your program and I ordered Great Taste No Pain. After only about 3 days on the plan a miracle occurred. The pain was gone and I slept all night. I have now been eating according to the books for many months- I feel really great, and have even lost 15lbs.

I have learned so much about the digestive system that my whole family is now eating better as well. I heartily recommend the Great Taste No Pain books and website - it certainly worked for me. I feel great and am saving a ton of money that I was spending on drugs and the endoscopies. (I had 4 in all).

Penny E.


I bless the day I came across your Great Taste No Pain program. I was interested because I started to have problems digesting certain foods. I have stuck to your program since the day I received the books. But the best of all is that I have suffered from restless leg syndrome for years. I resisted taking prescription drugs for it, and I found some relief with homeopathic remedies. But only for a few hours and then I would be awake again. Since I have been on the GTNP program I have not once had RLS at night or anytime, and I sleep like a baby every night. Other aspects of my life have improved too: I have more energy, I have lost weight, I have lost dark circles under my eyes, etc. But the RLS was ruining my life and I am so grateful that your method has cured it.

Thanks again, Sherry!


Hi Sherry,

A friend introduced me to Great Taste No Pain while on a camping trip. I came home immediately and ordered the plan.

I have not had a prilosec in 26 days and staying with the program as close as possible. I want you know that I had acid reflux really bad and was about out of options.

I have osteoarthritis and now my hands and fingers feel so much better. I can snap my fingers and mix soap in the palms of my hands. My sleeping has improved greatly and Iím losing weight and feeling great I have declared war on some food items.

I have already recommended your Great Taste No Pain plan to dozens who claim to suffer. By the way I turned 70 last week.

William E.

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