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Dear Sherry,

I, too, was very skeptical about the results I would experience by trying your Great Taste, No Pain system. I began and stayed on the program for 2 1/2 days and must admit that I was beginning to feel much better! I even lost about 3 pounds and experienced mild detoxing. I have had acid reflux for awhile and took Nexium for about a year, until I was feeling better and the doctor said I could stop the medicine. I tried to watch my diet, but still felt very bloated most of the time. My clothes were tight at the waist and my sleep pattern would wake me up after only 3-4 hours of rest. I am serious when I say that after eating, my stomach felt like a rock and I would belch and be very gassy. After only 2 1/2 days, my stomach remained soft after eating and the feelings of being uncomfortable vanished. I thought what a fluke! I couldn't believe that this was really working, because I thought I always ate very healthy food choices and my mind was letting me think that this was really working!

Well, we needed to go out of town to babysit the grandkids for 4 days, and I took your information with me, so I could proceed with the plan. I even told my husband, as we traveled out of town, that I felt more energy than normal and said it must be the way I was eating...and he said, that's great, but you always do more and have more energy than anyone we know. I agreed, but said I was even more alert than ever! However, when we arrived to babysit, life being as it is, I fixed the foods they wanted and was so busy with baseball practices...etc... That keep 4 boys busy, that I slipped backwards and ate the foods I fixed for them (healthy choices, just not the right combinations...and did I ever pay the price! I noticed discomfort after eating, but cut back in the amount of food I consumed, and felt okay. I even slept okay, just not as great as I had after the 2nd day of eating right. But...the real test was our trip back home when I said we needed to stop for food, because it would be too late to eat by the time we would get back home. (I have stopped eating before bedtime, because it always causes the acid reflux to kick into full play!) We stopped at Long John Silvers, which sounded good, because it has been years since we've had this due to those restaurants in our area closing. What a disaster! I had barely finished my food before my stomach swelled and felt like a rock. And did I mention the gas? Oh brother, what a miserable ride home!! Oh, and the 3 pounds was all back on the scales again. Needless to say, I am starting all over again and I am anxious to attain the quick results that had begun before I strayed! Thank for the great tips and the immediate results!

Yours for better health,

Karen Bedwell

Hi Sherry,

Your plan has helped me tremendously. It took me a couple of starts before I was able to stick to the program, but I finally did and I am so glad I did. I no longer feel bloated after meals and I am sleeping much better. My husband and I eat out quite often and I am able to have my dinner without feeling deprived. I am ordering the right food combinations and I don't have that ready to explode feeling any more. I even lost a couple of pounds and it didn't feel like I was dieting. My husband has seen how well I am feeling and he is starting to follow my lead. Your plan has definitely changed my eating behavior for life.

Thank You!

Norma Grace

Since I have started to use your program I sleep better at night, I am having more energy during the day, and less constipation. My hands and arms shake a lot, and I am hoping that this change in my diet might make a difference.


Mike Wintermeyer

Dear Sherry,

I can't thank you enough for the Great Taste, No Pain plan. It has changed my life in one week and cost less than the prescription cost of Nexium, Protonix, or Prilosec. I started suffering from symptoms in 2006 and went to the Dr. in August of that year. Six months after that first visit, I had a Thyroid scan (because of the sensation of food stuck in my throat) and started on Prilosec. I progressed to Protonix when that didn't work. By the time other things were ruled out and I finally had my endoscope, I had several esophageal lesions, my voice had changed and I was having ear aches, not to mention the pain and sleepless nights My insurance company wouldn't cover Protonix so I moved to Nexium. I might as well have taken candy. More of the same until one sleepless night I found your website, a full 2 1/2 years since my first doctor visit for the symptoms of GERD.

One week later, I'm off of Nexium, pain free, eating well, sleeping all night, and have lost 4 pounds. I'm "only" overweight by 10 pounds or so and feel like I might finally reach my pre pregnancy weight, but that's just a bonus to the freedom from pain.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I've already referred several colleagues and family members to your website.

God Bless,

Debra Griffin


I was diagnosed with IBS 20 years ago and have suffered immensely as you well know. Two years ago it got really severe & I lost about 25 lbs. Things went from bad to worse and I was on the white-coat tread mill for way too long w/ no results. About a month ago, I was again searching the web and found what was supposed to be a "sure" cure. I tried the diet very diligently for 3 weeks and was not seeing any improvement. It was VERY bland. Last week I had a severe attack for no apparent reason to me. That evening I got back on the Internet and found your Great Taste No Pain plan.

There was nothing on the plan that I thought I could eat but I was so desperate I started it and am I ever glad I did. No one knows what a joy it was for me to be able to eat things that I liked but had done without for SO-O-O-O long. I have been able to stop all meds but my fluid pill for blood pressure. That means no slippery elm, no fibercon, no probiotics, no multiple vitamins, and no librax. The terrible gas & bloating I suffered with has ceased along with my constipation. AND I CAN SLEEP WITHOUT SITTING UP!! My halitosis is improving everyday.

Thank you SO-O-O-O much!


Hi Sherry,

As the computer person I have been writing for and about Louise, my wife. It's her 75th birthday today. "We" have been following your Great Taste No Pain plan for a couple of weeks.

Louise has had diverticulitis for twenty years and last month found she had a hiatal hernia. Sherry, we could have used your advice for a long time. Now no bloating, no acid reflux, and she stopped using Protonix, and sleeps better. She does still take plain Allegra, but is not as bothered by sinus problems.

We are active, daily swimming, walking, light lifting weights, morning stretching: We are not overweight, with good appetites and have been eating "smart" for years, except for combining foods "correctly".

So Thanks Sherry,

Norman Carlson

I feel great! Fantastic if you really want to know. I started your Great Taste No Pain plan 8 days ago, and I can tell you I had immediate results.

I can eat what I want, healthy and pain-free. I can eat an apple without getting immediate gas and pain. I no longer get those grasping pains in my chest, which at one point, made me think I was having a heart attack. I stopped taking antacids and nexium. I can go to bed without fear of regurgitating during the night. At one point, I was so bad that if I ate or even took my pills (this included my nexium) after 7pm, it would back up on me and I would suffer during my sleep, often throwing up. Not now, if I forget to take my pills (i.e. blood pressure) it doesn't bother me anymore. I sleep like a baby.

I can honestly tell you. I am pain free. I am happier and have more time for the "good things" in my life. Thank you

Gloria Moyer

Hi Sherry,

Iím on day 8 of the Great Taste No Pain plan and I noticed results immediately...I had originally had acid reflux. As far as Iím concerned, I do feel lighter. I sleep better and feel less sluggish.

Thank you

Peter Belsten

Good Morning,

I am definitely sleeping MUCH, MUCH better without the problems of my acid reflux/hiatal hernia. My muscles throughout my body still ache a bit however each morning I get up seems a little better. I love the recipes!

Maryellen Pratt

Hi Sherry,

I have felt so much better since commencing your Great Taste No Pain plan. I feel confident to go out again and not to have to worry where I will find the loo! The reflux I have suffered for 15 years has all but gone. I sleep better and enjoy the food I thought I would never be able to eat again. I no longer need to take any form of medication (not that it helped much anyway) and most of all I have lost weight without feeling hungry.

I must admit I think it must have been fate that day I found your website - I will be grateful for ever and hope anyone reading this message will be inspired and encouraged to try this way of eating.


Jan Robi

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