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Hello Sherry,

I'm a Turkish woman, aged 53. Since 1991, the year I got divorced, I have been suffering from IBS. I was also having some problems related to perimenopause as well. Being a retired Dentist, I am accustomed to medicinal information. When my problems got worse, like going to bathroom 6-7 times a night, and of course not able to sleep deeply anymore, terrible bloating, and straining when I need some bowel movements 5 times a day! I decided to look more seriously then I found your site and thought it can be my problem solver.

I'm more careful about what I eat, am trying to follow your recommendations and now I quit taking Dicetel, Lansor and Gaviscon. I can sleep deeper and even dream, which makes me feel very relaxed. I wasn't able to see dreams for a long time. I just go to bathroom only two times at night, which is great for me.

My bloating, stomach and intestine problems are all gone. I can eat salads and vegetables without any problem. I also lost three kilos in few weeks, which I wasn't able to give away with all weight lifting and cardio exercises I do...I'm trying to teach your way of eating to my daughters, too.

You made me feel great. Thank you very much, and hope to hear more from you.

Yonca Yalin

Hi Sherry,

I have tried your program and am absolutely thrilled with the results. I had a major decrease in the pain by the second day and by the third day the pain and constipation were all but gone. I have had no further pain or discomfort and as long as I eat according to the pain free plan I am hoping it will stay that way. I am now sleeping better and have more energy than I have had in a lot of year.

Well, you have made me a happy girl! Thanks very much

Melissa Veridch

Hi Sherry,

I've been on your eating plan for about one week. I did not have any major health problems and have been a vegetarian for over 20 years. But even though I had no major health problems, I did have a lot of gas which could be very embarrassing since I am over 65 and as I age seem more unable to control the inevitable noises resulting from gas. In fact I feel my three-month old granddaughter and I have a lot in common regarding that part of our body. I no longer have gas if I stick to the diet. Thank you.

Even though I did not have digestive problems, I did have frequent bouts of insomnia and severe chronic sinus infection which I was able to keep under control with a netty pot. I have been sleeping much better since I went on the diet and my chronic sinus infection seems to have disappeared.

And last but not least I have lots more energy and I have lost weight. I sometimes want to combine foods in the wrong way but hesitate since I feel so good and because I have lost five pounds and will be down to my perfect weight soon, since I was overweight only a few pounds.

Thank you for all you do.

Suzanne Wilson

Hi Sherry,

I started your program exactly a week ago after finding you on the internet with a search for IBS. I have been suffering with digestive problems for 7 years and during this time had all sorts of medical tests, and taken a variety of prescribed drugs, none of which helped and some of which made me feel a lot worse. My doctor diagnosed IBS and told me there really is no cure but maybe Colpermin (an over the counter medication) would alleviate the symptoms. However, over the past year I have had a really tough time with pain and discomfort almost every day, and worse, at night, which prevented me from sleeping. Consequently my work and studies suffered because I was never really able to function properly after a sleepless night.

Because the pain etc. always occurred after eating I knew that it had to do with my diet (which has always been what we consider healthy i.e. no processed foods, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, lean meat and fish etc.), so a few months ago I asked my doctor to refer me to a nutritionalist. She was great: listened to me describe my symptoms and devised an eating plan for me that I followed for 2 weeks. But it did not work. So she amended the plan and was confident that if I followed the new plan I would be better. But again, no improvement; in fact I had been getting worse by the day, so much so that I returned to my doctor last week, on the very same day that I found you on the internet, to ask him to refer me privately to a gastroenterologist who would be prepared to listen to me and consider a new approach to my problems. He agreed but seemed to take the view that as I had had various investigations already, I was probably just going to have to put up with the pain etc. forever.

However, the next day I started on your pain free plan, because reading the testimonials (which I hoped were genuine), I could relate to a lot of these other people's problems, and what you said really seemed to make sense. I really admire the way you explain things so clearly.

Anyway, the best part of this story is that I have followed your simple rules, made some of your delicious recipes, and been pain and symptom free almost from the beginning. I will be writing to my doctor to tell him I do not now need to see the gastroenterologist and to tell him about your plan so that he can refer other patients who present with the same or similar symptoms to your website (we have a different healthcare system in the UK - generally our doctors are employed by our National Health Service so perhaps are more open to "non medical" solutions than in the US).

Finally, I want to say a big thank you, because I feel like a new person! I can sleep and I can concentrate and I generally feel much happier. I will stick to the principles of your eating plan and make more of your wonderful recipes.

Marianne James

Dear Sherry,


I just started on your plan yesterday and I am feeling better already. Last night was the first night in decades that I slept like a baby. Never even woke up until 6:45 am. I am having less burps and for the first time my stomach is not really sticking out because of bloating. My spouse is also doing your plan as well. Thanks a lot.


Corine Flinch-Garrick

Hello Sherry,

I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge, itís inspirational! My story is that after 3 days I regained my sense of smell. I have not enjoyed my sense of smell for 5 years after an operation on my nose. I have always suffered from sinus and asthma as well as acid reflux. I could not believe that suddenly out of the blue I could again smell! My asthma has improved and I can now sleep without 4 pillows under me and sleep undisturbed all night! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Fay Dermody

Hello Sherry,

I used to suffer from heartburn, constipation, cramps, diarrhea, gas, bloating, hemorrhoids and diverticulosis was diagnosed after getting the scope examination. Every night I would try to go to sleep with my hands on my stomach trying to ease the pain. I was terrified to meet my friends in a restaurant as I knew as soon as I left, the problems would start. I often had to phone my husband to collect me on the way home as the cramps were so bad that I couldn't walk. He would have to rush me home to the bathroom and I spent hours in the loo. I used to believe that the restaurants were giving me food poisoning and that there must have been something suspect about the food. I searched the internet for information regarding Crohn's disease and celiac disease as they run in the family. I came upon your site and tried the meal plan. I had such relief immediately that I now follow it every day.

Since starting on your plan I sleep well every night. All symptoms of heartburn have disappeared, my bowel movements are normal. I no longer suffer from bloating as I am combining foods properly. I now look forward to eating out in restaurants without fear. I have passed on the good news to friends and family who have digestion problems and I know some of them have already been in contact with you. Heartfelt thanks and keep up the good work.

Mary Kenny

Hello Sherry,

I've been on your plan for about a month now. I've seen so many changes, I have to list them out. First of all, of course, my diverticulitis went away and fast. I also lost a few pounds right away, which was nice. Then I noticed my sleep improving. This is HUGE, as I have had practically lethal insomnia, especially over the past year, including a three-month period with no sleep at all, then three months on sleeping pills. Now I fall asleep naturally within a few minutes and wake up only once or twice all night. I can't tell you what it means to me.

Next: one of the things keeping me up at night was joint pain in one knee and one hip. To control the pain, I had been sleeping (for a few years) on my side with a large pillow lodged between my legs from knee to ankle to keep my legs parallel. No more: pills gone, pillow gone! I still have stiffness in my joints, but it is improving. I had thought that joint replacements were a sure thing one day, but now I think I might not need them. Another chronic for me was constipation (that's why I have diverticulosis). I see improvement in this every day that I'm on your diet plan. Gee I'm really going to miss plugging toilets everywhere I go (my husband says I hold the world's record). Moving right along, I have seen an improvement in my libido! Wahoo! And the hot flashes I have put up with for 10 years are subsiding, as well. It occurs to me that for a 60-year-old I sure was putting up with a lot of health issues! One thing I do not want as I approach retirement is to end up like my mom (age 93), who is on 13 meds a day for this and that. So finally, thank you for changing my outlook. This diet gives me pleasure, energy, rest, and most of all, confidence that I know how to take care of myself.

Thanks again, Sherry. I am telling everybody I know.

Lee Marcus

Hi Sherry,

Thank you for your advice. I successfully completed your plan and have much less pain in my stomach. I stopped my medicine also. I can sleep now and am feeling well. I am very happy as well. May god bless you always.

Irene Manalili

Hi Sherry,

I am now on the 4th day of your Great Taste No Pain plan and must admit that I do feel better - I have suffered, on and off for 15 years with gastric reflux and it has been an absolute nightmare! I had investigations done many years ago and my gastro consultant informed me I would always have this problem and gave me a script for proton pump inhibitors and waved me goodbye, saying at the door to get repeat script from my GP whenever it flared up.

I have taken this medication only when really desperate as I really hate taking drugs. I didn't think there was anything else to do but eat low fat foods which after so long can be very boring.

I am so pleased I found your website after having spent a whole week of misery with this darn reflux - I must admit I did think to myself ' Oh here is another plan claiming the impossible', but I am so pleased. I have more energy even after this short period and last night I slept better than I had for such a long time, thank you.


Jan Grays

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