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I am an 87 year old with acid reflux. I refused to take Prilosec twice a day as my Dr. had prescribed for the rest of my life. This was after having my esophagus stretched because I was getting choked easily and had trouble swallowing. So, I was just suffering silently. I was eating healthy with very little carbohydrates, and usually only one serving of meat daily. I exercise when I can but I am limited because of a spinal stenosis. We live in a retirement community, where we are served one meal per day.

It has been difficult to lose any weight. I was just 8 lbs over weight when I started on your plan about 3 weeks ago after hearing about it from my golfing friend. I have lost 6 lbs in that 3 weeks and have no more reflux. A side benefit, I can now burp without having everything come back up into my esophagus. Great feeling!

Other side benefits. No more trouble swallowing and getting choked. I was having severe cramps in my feet at night. That is almost completely gone. I am sleeping better, and have more energy. I can also bend over and put on my shoes more easily, and if I need to get down on my knees to get something out of a cupboard, I can get up more easily that before. I have started on a core exercise program which I have not been able to do because of my back pain. I am expecting more benefits in the future as I continue your program.

Thanks for giving us something to base our future on which will make us feel better and live longer.

Ilene Jones

I have been using your Great Taste No Pain program for about 2 months now. I noticed a difference in my energy level right away and have no pain as long as I stick to your program.

I am also taking your Super Shield probiotic and Vital Mega omega 3 and have no more constipation which I have lived with most of my life.

I also got rid of the bloating and gas I was experiencing. But that's not all. I lost about 20 pounds and am keeping it off. I have never felt so good and had so much energy. I am 58 years old and work 3rd. Shift and can work rings around the young people I work with.

I thank God every day that I found your program and am telling everyone I know what it has done for me.

God Bless You!


Dear Sherry,

I have been pretty much pain free since April of this year. That is when I sent for your Great Taste No Pain plan. And it works! The pairing of different foods is all it took. And a nice side result is that I have lost 12 pounds and kept it off.

Thank you so much. I have past on this information to family and friends. Some have sent for your food plan and had good success too. Thank you so much. By April of this year, I had been in the hospital twice with horrible stomach pain. I was beginning to think I would never be able to leave the house. But it has made all the difference in living a more normal life.

Again thank you so much.


Hi Sherry,

I want to say THANK YOU! I have suffered with diverticulitis for a few years. My gastroenterologist said I needed to have surgery right away after an attack I had 18 months ago. Well I didn't. On my last attack a few weeks ago, my Dr. put me on Levaquin & Flagyl. I started on these antibiotics on Wednesday and I woke up on Saturday morning and could not move my left arm. I read the side effects of Levaquin and knew it could cause tendon ruptures, tears etc. After doing some research, I found many lawsuits on Levaquin and found out it is a black box drug. There are hundreds of testimonies online that talk about the severe side effects of this drug as well as cipro. All that said my Dr. told me to stop taking Levaquin as that side effect has been known to happen. I went to an orthopedic Dr., had an MRI which showed my rotator cuff tendon is thin, I now have 70% of the strength back but permanent loss is 30%. After one week, I could move my arm again. Thank God.

I never want to have another attack and never again want to take any of those antibiotics, so I researched online and found your website. I ordered your Great Taste No Pain plan right away! My wife was very skeptical and didn't really want to change the way we eat.

Well...after one week on your Great Taste-No Pain plan she has become a believer. She suffered for years with GERD, she has been on Protonix for that and also had been on meds for allergies for years as well. NOT ANY MORE! She was amazed how she now can eat all the things that USED TO cause her pain with no problems whatsoever. She also has no more allergies. The side benefit was that we both lost over 10 pounds so far. We have been on your program now for a few weeks. I have had no problems or symptoms of diverticulitis. We tell everyone about your Great Taste No Pain plan.

For those who are skeptical, don't be, this works. I know there are a lot of scams out there, but this is not one them.

Thank you again Sherry for telling people what Dr's don't know. We both feel great! Something we have not experienced for years.

God Bless you!

Steve & Denise 

The winter of 2010, I had a cold. I got better. Then I got another cold, and the doctor gave me an antibiotic. Next thing, I started having diarrhea. It got so bad my husband rushed me to emergency one night.

Next step was a G.I. doctor and a colonoscopy. Diagnosis: Collagenous colitis. I asked to see a nutritionist. He said, “It doesn’t matter what you eat.” I was given a steroid.

When I visited my daughter-in-law, who has Crohn’s, she gave me the website for your Great Taste No Pain plan. I immediately started on it. What a difference! My life has been given back to me. And I’ve lost 10 pounds. I tell everyone I meet, including my doctors, about this great plan.

Sherry, you are a blessing. I thank God for you and your help.


Yeah to Sherry:),

Your Great Taste No Pain plan worked wonders. I cannot thank you enough. I have increased energy, and stopped the bloating, gas and constipation. Oh yes, dropped 3lbs and just feel great. Waist down to 34:).

Thanks a bunch:)


Hi Sherry,

I have been on your Great Taste No Pain plan. Two months ago I was put in the hospital for 4 days with a bad case of diverticulitis. After many antibiotics, I was feeling much better but a few weeks later started with a few more pains and put on more antibiotics. My doctor, whom I feel is wonderful, never gave me a diet to follow.

When I read about you from a friend, I thought I would like to give your diet a try. I feel great and I have lost 5 pounds besides. I hope to keep on this healthy way of life for ever.

Thanks for all you do to help people with tummy problems.


I had been diagnosed with severe gastritis and suffered horrendous pains in my stomach. One night when I was perusing the Internet looking up "gastritis", I found an ad for your Great Taste No Pain plan. I was skeptical about being pain free in one day! But I ordered the program, and discovered it to be 100% effective.

I HAVE NOT HAD ONE PAIN IN MY STOMACH. What a blessing this has been for me and my life. I have suspended all medications, and the weight loss has been an additional surprise.

I am forever grateful to Sherry and her desire to share this with others.


Hi Sherry,

I've been on your Great Taste No Pain plan (recommended to me by a friend who had good results). So far I've lost 4 kilos, stopped taking Antacid medication and all the discomfort I was feeling in my digestive tract has disappeared (burning in stomach and tenderness and pain in bowels). Needless to say I am delighted with the results, and very grateful that I found this information and I plan to continue following the plan - it makes perfect sense and is easy to follow.

Kind Regards


Dear Sherry,

My husband and I have been following the Great Taste No Pain way of eating for a little over a year now. At my last doctor visit a few months ago he told me I no longer needed my cholesterol medication! YEA! I hated the way that stuff made me feel, so I was thrilled that I had improved my self enough to get off of it. I am now working to get off my high blood pressure med too. The doctor told me several years ago that I would have to be on it for the rest of my life because of my family history. I don't believe him and I am anxious to prove him very wrong. I am 45 and have been on it for 10 years. I have lost 20 lbs in the past year or so on your program and I hope to loose about 10-15 more.

My husband found you while searching for help for diverticulitis. He is now back to his high school weight.

We are always getting asked what we are doing and we share your website will many. We are hoping to get our family members to feeling as good as we do soon.


Vicki & Michael Rice

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