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I had been having Colon problems back in June. I ordered your Great Taste No Pain plan and started right away.

Shortly after starting I was able to eat without the pain. It was a relief to be able to eat salads and foods I had problems with before. I have lost 5 lbs. I pick and choose the recipes. They are so good that I make some of the dishes and take to luncheons and parties.

Thank you,

Faye McMillen

Dear Sherry,

Thank you for your Great Taste No Pain program as I have been diagnosed with Diverticulitis recently.

I have been on your plan for 13 days and have lost 10 lbs. I have not experienced any of the problems that I have been plagues with for years.

What a wonderful lifestyle I am enjoying and will continue for life using your wonderful guide.

Maybe God Bless You!!!

Sara Munday

I began your Great Taste No Pain plan about a week ago and I can already tell a big difference. I have suffered with digestive problems since I was about 21 years old. Like you I've tried all kinds of medications, probably every acid controller/proton pump inhibitor on the market and nothing helped. I stopped taking my Prevacid about a month ago because I wasn't noticing any marked improvement. I was still having the bloating, constipation, reflux, fluttering sensations in my throat that were beginning to cause me to feel faint because it felt like my air supply was being cut off.

Since I began your Great Taste No Pain plan I haven't felt bloated or constipated.

Another plus since I've began the plan is losing 3lbs, which for me is terrific since I'm overweight. I still have a long way to go with the weight loss but I feel I'm on the right track.

Thank You!!!!

Julia Berry

Hi Sherry,

I have been on the Great Taste No Pain program for about 7 days and have had tremendous improvements in a number of areas: I have lost about 6 lbs, which is a wonderful "side effect" of the program. The tremendous pain that I used to feel throughout my body is virtually gone, and I do not need my back brace and ice pack morning. My bowels are working much better. The terrible pain that I used to get in my eyes when exposed to bright lights is gone!!! I can even look at headlights with no pain! I have more energy.... And my "brain fog" has decreased!

I have recommended this program to about 20 others!

Carol Wenrick

Dear Sherry,

I just received your Great Taste No Pain plan last week and started it. I have only been on your system for 5 days and I am feeling better already. I have acid reflex, chronic stomach problems, digestive problems, allergies to meds, type 2 diabetic on two kinds of insulin and I am a 64 year old woman, and gained 50 lbs from the insulin. I have been a diabetic for 3 years. Allergies to meds and sensitive to some foods and mold, mildew and etc.

The doctors only want to give you meds for everything. It does not matter if it is synthetic or the real thing I have become allergic to it. If the meds have 10 side effects I wind up with 7 and some into the serious ones. I have wound up in Er at least once in the last 4 yrs with a reaction to the meds the doctors have given me. The hospitals always think high blood pressure, tightness in the chest and your sugars out of whack heart attack. I have had all kinds of heart test, EKG, and etc. with a bill of 15,000 to go with it. Thank God for medical insurance.

When I would get these allergies I would have to detox myself with 100 units of Benadryl. This would sometimes work. This last month the doctor gave me a pill for my high blood pressure and of course I broke out in a rash, also gave me an antibiotic for my bladder infection which I of course had swollen tongue and throat with. Wound up in Er. Of course they thought I was having a heart attack. I told them reaction to pills. They then gave me prednisone which is a steroid. I asked them about the shot if any one every got a reaction to it. The doctor said no one has been allergic to it. Well next day my throat swelling went down but I was covered in a rash, itching and my face was swelling up. Back on the Benadryl and it took me a week to detox myself from the meds.

I am hoping with your system and the changes I have made in my eating I will be able to get off the insulin all together. I have already started lowering my insulin and started loosing weight. Thank God for you and your system, nothing else seemed to work on me.

I have started putting the right foods together. What a difference it is starting to make. I have almost stopped having muscle spasms in my lower back, and the digestive system is a lot better

I am telling and sharing the results with everyone I come in contact with. I am also giving out your website to all who want it. The website has been a God sent to me. Some of the same problems some of your other clients have had are sounding just like mine. What is so neat about you system is it is easy, safe, and simple to do and no drugs and side effects.

Thank you again for all your help and research you and your family have done to help others like myself.

God Bless you all and keep up the good work. Thank you again for the emails on people you have helped.

Very interesting reading.

Carolyn Sariego

Hi Sherry

I have been suffering with constipation for years. Went on line and came across your Great Taste No Pain plan. I followed it and it worked for me. Fantastic this is what my body really needed after taking cipro for a long period due to kidney stones and infections. I have been trying to lose weight with no luck but after following your plan, I lost 8 pounds.

Thanks and keep the good work.

Kelly Holmberg


I have tried your Great Taste No Pain plan and a few of your recipes. I'm hooked on the carrot & cilantro soup! I feel like a gourmet cooks (my husband loves that Im cooking) I HAD BEEN taking prilosec for a few years for acid reflux and an ulcer. I was also diagnosed with diverticulitis. I have had rectal bleeding which the doctor's can't find a reason for. It's not everyday, but when it happens, there's a lot of blood. In the last few weeks there hasn't been a lot of blood, like before. I've been following the plan for maybe 4 weeks now and have taken off 9 pounds (without being hungry). My stomach doesn't hurt or make those embarrassing sounds anymore.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you! God Bless You, Sherry!

Penni Stobbe

Hi Sherry,

Since going on your Great Taste No Pain plan I've lost over 10 pounds and my wife has lost about 8 pounds. All in a matter of a two week period of time. We're both over 65 and would like to get down to our wedding day weight which is about 40-50 lbs away. I will say that your program is working and hopefully we'll get our goal.

Thanks for all of your help.

Don and Leahea Johnson

I lost 2.6 pounds this week. I have had a very hard time getting and keeping my weight down. This is very exciting.

Patti Grant

Hello Sherry,

Thank you for your dedication in better health. I am 52 yrs. old and have battled weight and constipation most of my adult life. I have tried one diet after the other and took laxatives and fiber for years. The fiber would give me embarrassing gas and it was not always reliable. I worried about colon cancer. After just a few weeks eating the Great Taste No Pain way I can say I have been more regular than ever and do have energy I had not had for 10 years. A bonus is I have lost 4 lbs. What a benefit!

Again, thank you so much,

Glyn Vasquez

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