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September 21, 2011

How To Reduce Mucus, Phlegm & Snot

This time of year it seems everyone has a cold or some type respiratory infection. That means a sore throat, feeling run down, coughing, sneezing, possibly a fever...

And LOTS and LOTS of mucus from all the entrances and exits.

The low down on mucus

Although we tend to associate mucus with a cold, it's really a normal secretion that your body produces every day to protect its precious delicate membranes.

One way it does this is by coating every single thing you ingest -- even water!
It also surrounds and engulfs any toxins you might take in, and in doing so, it becomes thick, sticky and cloudy to trap the toxins and escort them out.

Your body also creates mucus as a natural defense against acids.

For example, when you eat dairy products, the sugar in dairy (lactose) changes to lactic acid. If it weren't for your mucus engulfing the lactic acid, that acid could actually burn holes in your cells, tissues or organs... and kill you!

So, mucus is truly one of your best friends.

NOW you know what's going on when you feel all clogged up after eating ice cream. It's not just an annoyance -- your mucus is quite literally saving your life.
Some is good, but more is definitely NOT better

So we know now that mucus is a good guy and clearly something we don't want to be without, BUT that's not the typical problem facing most people.

The problem is too MUCH mucus.

And the main cause of too much mucus is food.

Americans eat many types of foods that cause thickened mucus. The foods either contain toxins or they break down in a toxic, acidic way in the digestive tract and sound the mucus alarm.

The worst offenders are dairy products, followed by animal proteins, white flour, processed foods, chocolate, coffee and alcohol. These create LOTS of mucus. (Note that vegetables do NOT cause sticky mucus. Hmmm...maybe we should take the hint.)

Over time, this thick mucus becomes encrusted on your intestines, trapping feces and other debris.

That weakens your intestinal walls and makes you susceptible to diverticulosis. It also provides the ideal environment for harmful bacteria to multiply like rabbits.

What does THAT mean?

Heartburn, gas, bloating, ulcers, nausea, diarrhea and gastritis can all stem from this mucus-toxin-bad bacteria coating in your GI tract.

And constipation! This is why Americans are the most blocked up people in the world. We have the highest incidence of colon/rectal cancer in the world to prove it.

Toxins all over

Oh, if only those nasty toxins would just stay embedded in your mucusy intestines.

But they don't.

Instead, they seep through your colon wall and into your bloodstream. Then they're out of control -- invading cells, tissues and organs all over your body.

That causes pain and inflammation, sickness and disease, and accelerated aging.

And now those toxins flowing through your body stress your immune system and liver as they try to fight these invaders and eliminate them.

Do YOU have too much mucus?

You might wonder, "How can I tell if I have too much mucus?"

Glad you asked. Here are some signs of excessive mucus inside of YOU:
- Frequent constipation or diarrhea
- Frequent gas and bloating
- Bowel movements with an excessively foul odor
- Cold hands
- Cold feet
- Lightheadedness
- Headaches
- Nasal congestion not related to allergies
- Lung congestion not related to asthma
- White coated tongue
- Continual throat clearing

Keep mucus in line and undo the effects of "mucho mucus"

The key is to stop doing what causes excess mucus AND help your intestinal walls clear out any encrusted mucus-poop-toxin buildup.

Believe it or not, this is pretty easy. It involves just 2 things:

1) Limit foods that create too much mucus

I will show you what how to do this in the Great Taste No Pain health system
The Great Taste No Pain manuals stress alkaline foods as well as show you how to eat foods like dairy and animal protein to help minimize their mucus-creating properties.

When you stop doing what creates excess mucus to begin with, your intestines and your entire body will have a chance to clean themselves out...and you will likely feel a whole LOT different once that happens!

Imagine no more headaches, constipation, gas, bloating or having to clear your throat every time you speak!

And that's just the beginning.

2) Bring your intestinal flora balance where it needs to be

With the harmful bacteria overgrowth that results from mucus and toxin buildup, it's essential to arm your gut with a hefty dose of "good guys" to get your flora balance back where it needs to be and stop those nasty toxins from seeping into your bloodstream.

Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula can help you reach this life enhancing goal.

Super Shield 13 medical-grade strains of beneficial bacteria help fight any toxin buildup you might have going on and help counteract the harmful effects that dangerous bacteria may be wreaking on your body.

With the tag-team champions, Great Taste No Pain and Super Shield, attacking it, mucus can again be your friend and protect you like it's supposed to, without turning from a Gizmo to a Gremlin and ruining your health.

See how great YOU can feel now.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia


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